Vietnam's social networking app Tappy exits via US-based

By Rahil Bhagat | 15 hours ago

The acquisition of Tappy is for an undisclosed seven-figure sum comprising stock and cash, and will see its founders join Read More

YouTube: 300 hrs of video uploaded every min, 6B hrs consumed each month

By Donna Louisse | 15 hours ago

Driving and shaping pop culture and entertainment for a decade -- can the Google-backed site continue to keep its place at the top? Read More

Looking to start something in India? Here’re some startup ideas

By Sainul Abudheen K | 15 hours ago

Indeed, there is no dearth of ideas, but entrepreneurs find it hard to execute their ideas in a complex market like India Read More

IoT market in APAC will hit US$862 billion by 2020: IDC

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | 16 hours ago

According to one IDC report from February, the IoT market size in Asia Pacific excluding Japan will grow from US$408 billion in 2013 to US$862 billion by 2020 Read More

Echelon TOP100: MyRealTrip and Flitto win at Korea Qualifier

By Twishy Shahi | 17 hours ago

Platform connecting travellers with local guides, MyRealTrip, bagged the Judges’ Choice award, while Flitto walked away with People’s Choice Read More

Banks gear up to piggyback on the e-commerce wave

By Ashish Jhalani | 17 hours ago

With e-shopping on the rise, there is a paradigm shift in the traditional payments scene, giving a huge setback to banks' fee income Read More

How speaking in public made me a better enterpreneur

By Young Entrepreneur Council | 17 hours ago

You need to learn to speak with confidence and passion, in order to spread the word about your company Read More

How to decide if a startup is right for you

By geektime | 19 hours ago

Perhaps even more important than whether they should hire you is, whether you should join them: the flip side to joining a startup Read More

India hogs VC attention for 2015: Crunchbase Investment Leaderboard

By Utkarsh Sahu | 19 hours ago

India, China and Singapore's powerhouse startup scene has led to incredible investments so far, with more to come for all Asian countries Read More

Why are Indian startups so obsessed with TV advertising?

By Nitin Sharma | 21 hours ago

As many as 66 online/mobile companies are advertising on mainstream TV channels, including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm & ShopClues Read More

How drones can help Singapore be the world's first Smart Nation

By Mark Yong | 22 hours ago

In order to fly high in a Smart Nation, we need to collect and analyse data about our urban surroundings.  -- what better for the job than a fleet of drones? Read More

DDoS and why you should care: An interview with Nexusguard's CEO

By Rahil Bhagat | May 25, 2015

"The notion that DDoS attacks are only targetted at mega corporations is folly. Any company with a website or online service is at risk," says Jolene Lee Read More

This robotic device can help wheelchair users walk

By Twishy Shahi | May 25, 2015

After one of the co-founders was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, New Zealand's REX developed a hands-free, independently-controlled, robotic walking device Read More

As Soylent booms in the Valley, Asia's startups stick to solids

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | May 25, 2015

We crowdsourced comments from Asia's tech startup ecosystem on the use of meal replacements like Soylent -- and why it hasn't taken off in this part of the world yet Read More

TOP100 Startups: Picking the TOP10 from Judges’ Choice winners

By Jin Yao Kwan | May 25, 2015

All the Judges’ Choice award winners from the 14 Qualifiers are headed to Singapore; stand a chance to pitch on stage as a TOP10 Startup Read More

Silicon Valley evolution: Sand Hill Road is the new Wall Street

By Stephen Forte | May 25, 2015

How have the VC firms in Menlo Park's Sand Hill Road changed the game? Read More

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